We are a family operated company working in the water and waste management field since 1989. We have built and operated landfills and developed and patented a proprietary mechanical-biological waste pre-treatment process. We have designed and implemented complex technical waste management projects for communities with more than 1 m residents and successfully placed biogas plants on the market. Successful projects utilizing a special process for the transformation of grey water into drinking water were installed. The grey water in the main Doha mosque treated with our technology now reached sparkling water quality.

These experiences integrate into our current activities: the transformation of waste that cannot be recycled for economic or technical reasons into new products such as hydrogen, synthetic diesel oil and liquid CO2.

Mission statement

For the preservation of a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren we have been promoting sustainable, circular waste and water management for decades. We meet the challenges of our modern world with the newest technology and holistic solutions.

With our synergistic thermochemical production process, we reach maximum benefit utilizing previously valueless and problematic waste without any harm to the environment. Waste becomes raw material – it is transformed into new products. We close cycles.



Founded as Faber Recycling GmbH.

Business purpose treatment of road break and building demolition.

Construction and operation of landfills in Germany.

Own patented mechanical-biological process for the pre-treatment of municipal waste.

AMBRA = Aerobe Mechanical Biological Residual Waste Management.
Renaming to Faber Ambra GmbH.

Start of internationalisation (South America, Asia, Africa, Middle America) with own national companies.

Water and waste management projects in Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and the Caribbean.

International consulting and operation in waste and water management.

For example, the complete technical conception for a city with over one million residents in Eastern Europe from the trashcan to the permanent disposal incl. water treatment.

Renaming to Ambra GmbH.

Management buyout.

Water management for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Qatar (grey water treatment in the mosques to drinking water).

Concentration on operator models in Europe in the biogas from organic waste and gasification from non-organic substances fields.

Winning the tender to build and operate a biogas plant in the Netherlands (the tender was cancelled due to new legal requirements (NOx)).

Start of projects “waste to hydrogen” in Bitburg etc.


For about 2 years we have been focusing on the material flow from waste management (residues) that cannot be reasonably returned to the economic cycle and are finally destroyed in waste incineration plants using fossil energy. The focus here is on the so-called high caloric substances HDPE, LDPE, PU, PP and PS. We can also use other plastic waste, used oils and composite material to create new products.

Our plants usually consist of two production lines:

  • In the pyrolysis line mainly firmly defined plastic material is transformed into e-fuel and naphtha.
  • In the UHT gasification line all other substances are being transformed into hydrogen and a high quality liquid carbon dioxide product (food grade) using ultra high temperatures (“UHT”).

Our plants have very low air emissions which are caught and treated according to the requirements. Further environmentally relevant emissions into water or ground do not develop. In the pyrolysis process so-called TEL gases are a byproduct. We use these to run generators which in turn produce the electricity for the plasma process – supported by photovoltaic on the roof and on the building facades. This makes us factually energy self-sufficient.

We work with a modular plant engineering which allows us to adapt the plant size to the respective conditions and customer requests. With the ALLIANZ Versicherung AG at our side, we have a strategic partner who has evaluated and approved us.

We design, build, and operate the plants.